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  Advantages of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone:
  State [2018] No. 93 approved the establishment of a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce in Hohhot. The establishment of the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone will play a leading role in the development of local industries in Hohhot. Furthermore, it will interpret the functions of the Hohhot Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which will be able to give full play to the functional advantages of the ...

  Water, electricity, heating, gas and communication costs
  Steam 180 yuan/ton (1 ton=1244.6 cubic meters)
  Water supply
  Industry 4.1 yuan/ton (including 0.7 yuan/ton sewage fee) (1 ton = 1 cubic meter)
  Construction water 5.7 yuan/ton
  Natural gas
  Industrial natural gas 2.47 yuan/cubic meter (one cubic meter of natural gas = 0.7174 kg)
  Large industrial natural gas 3.09 yuan/m3
  The initial installation fee of fixed telephone is 100 yuan

  Located in the Tumote Plain in the northwestern part of North China, central and western Inner Mongolia, Hohhot is an important bridge connecting the Yellow River Economic Belt, the Eurasian Continental Bridge and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle. It is also a bridgehead connecting China, Mongolia, and Russia. Hohhot is an important hub of the national "One Belt One Road" strategy located at the core of the " Huhhot-Baotou- Yinchuan Key Economic Zone" and the center of the "Huhhot-Baotou- H...

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  Establishment: optimized and integrated from the former Hohhot Export Processing Zone, The Hohhot Comprehensive Bonded Zone is was established on September 4, 2018 with the official approval of the State Council (State [2018] No. 113) with a planned construction area of 0.88 square kilometers. The park was the former Hohhot Export Processing Zone, the only state-level export processing zone in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the past. After years of construction, the park has a certain industrial scale with complete functions and complete supporting facilities. In the future, the Hohhot Comprehensive Bonded Zone will continue to function as the original Hohhot Export Processing Zone, extend the bonded logistics functions, expand and innovate the bonded service functions and promote the construction of the Hohhot Foreign Economic and Trade Development Platform with the Hohhot Comprehensive Bonded Zone as the main body, expand exports to promote transformation, expand imports to promote consumption, accelerate the estab...[details +]